Friday, January 29, 2010

The Baby Is Back!!!!

Tengah Sedap Tidur Tiba Telefon Bunyi (Ringtone Heartless By Kanye West)..
Me: Hello?
My Father: Boy ade kat mane?
Me: Kat umah... knape?
My Father: Savvy tu ade kt depan rumah..
Me: Hah! Ok Ok boy turun skang

Terserlah keayuan kereta aku yang da dekat 2 bulan xnampak... rasa macam nak menangis jek tengok Baby Black Ice Kesayangan aku tu...

For people who didnt know about the story,
on the night of Raya Haji, i was driving my car to Nasi Kandar Pelita at Jalan Ampang and suddenly a Mercedes main masuk jek simpang, i was shocked and try to stop my car while shifting to the lower gear and step on the brake pedal like hell..
(i know i know... korang mesti nk ckp this guy is skillful.. but what can i say.. it comes from the family)
but even with that so much effort it is useless because our cars are closely-spaced, and then i close my eyes and hold the stering tightly.. BOOM!!! I open my eyes 3 seconds after the impact and found myself on the passanger seats.. (I swear i put on the seatbelt but the clips is spoiled) feels like something step on my chest and im barely breath... have you saw the movies that when somebody died roh diaorg terpisah dari badan dia kan... itulah yg aku pikir... im afraid to look on my right side because i thought that i died and beside me is my dead body... tp aku beranikn jugak diri and take a peak... thank god im still alive..(ramai org giler part yg ni ar)... then i saw the Mercedes driver still try to drive that car so i try to open the door but my left hand is too weak and thinking of using my other hand.. but my right hand can not move, i look at my right hand and only saw my shoulder with no hand.. Macam nk nangis jek time tu.. tp aku try genggam tgn kanan ni boleh rasa pulak... so i pull my right hand using the left one.. and heard the Krak Krak Krak!! sound.. and that time i know that my right hand is broken... damn.. i try to open the door again and just wave my hand and ask for help... then some Malays open the door and they need to kick the door several time to open it... i tried to stand but then i saw my right hand is longer that the left one and i feels like nk pengsan hahahah.. so the other people ask me to seat while they calling the ambulance... then one indian man ask me if i want anything.. i said that i am thirsty.. then he said "you cannot drink" and throw the bottle of 100plus in my car which i just bought at the pump station early in the morning.. then the ambulance arrive.. they ask me to go to the hospital but i refuse and said "selagi takde org jaga kereta saya.. saya takkan pergi mana" and i lay down in the car... suddenly i felt like something touching my leg and saw that the people carrying me into the ambulance.. i refuse but i cant do anything about it... the driver of the Mercedes also being brought to the hospital with the same ambulance and i shout at him "You Bastard.. How Can You Drive?" and he only say "God Bless Us" what the ****.. i feels like wanna lay a fist on his chin for saying that words without the tone of regret... and the paramedic told me that he was drunk and im like what the F**K... Im Gonna Kill This Bastard.. and of course they stop me from doing that... so my car ruin... my right hand ruin.. my 2 months of precious times ruin... thats the story of my unlucky Night.. and till now my mother said "Tu la sape suruh kuar malam2 kan da kena.. lain kali dengar cakap mama"... and im like haihhhhhh....


  1. hahahaha.. tu la sape soh kuar mlm2 kan da kene?
    btw.. welcome back Baby Black Ice! share link meh?

  2. sure why not man... btw... im meeting up with my friend la mase tu...